Don’t Blow Red Lights.

Yeah – the title says it all. Don’t Blow Red lights. You know why, because for every light you blow off – there is a driver who sees me and thinks of you, and your actions. Now – you may rationalize blowing thru lights a as the “Well, I get no respect, so I won’t respect your driving laws” … That is BS – pure and simple. Want respect as a cyclist – then show respect to the others who share the road.

Being a rather vocal individual, voice my opinion loudly – be it a driver who is brain numb to traffic and just doesn’t see me – waking the up with a 90 DB “whoop whoop!” works well – or screaming at a rider who blows a light “Hey *****, stop at reds!” To correct inappropriate actions – people need to be called out. I’m not perfect, and if I do something wrong – I expect to be called out on it. So, dish it out and take it when it’s your fault.

But don’t make me – the victim of your stupid actions.

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