Frosti the Snowbike


Frosti the Snowbike took her first ride today, I brought her back to life after a long time she spend under a tarp in my backyard. Prior to that she was a work bike – commuter bike – and general go to around the local town errand runner. A decade or so ago – she served me well as a winter commuter. I ALMOST bought a fat tire bike, but at the prices they run, I could not justify it – besides – saving for that 15 pound road bike for climbing races in the spring is more important…

I stripped the bike completely down, resprayed her with you standard Krylon store bought – so it scrapes off and such – that will only make her a more iconic steed… I also gave all the running gear a nice coat of appliance white – for the hell of it, and also for salt protection – the metal has withstood 15 years or so of exposure, and that extra bit of paint is like sealant, add a coating of sprayed oil – and she’ll run pretty flawlessly all winter.

One pretty cool addition to the dashboard is a mini air horn – if you ride – bells are nice for polite “here I come” riding – but in the winter – LOUD horns help. What helps also is to remember, darkness is danger – so lights, front and rear – lots of lights. Be visible – because basically you are invisible – so be seen. and heard.

Looking forward to mounting the studded snows when the flakes start flying. till then, ride safe..

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